Personal Basketball Instruction

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As a youth basketball coach with more than 10 years experience, Danny Ourian has focused on the fundamentals of the game for younger children (8-13), while reinforcing the fundamentals and emphasizing improvement of weaknesses for older and more talented players (14+). He has coached multiple basketball camps with children of all ages and recently finished a stint working as a Program Director with PeacePlayers International in the Middle East. He currently works as a part-time basketball clinician with the New York Knicks and private basketball skill development instructor for youth throughout NYC/surrounding areas.

Able to work on all phases of the game, his specialization includes guard skills, footwork, hand-eye coordination, and shooting. DannyHoops’ personal basketball instruction lessons provide the motivation to help students love the game, challenging them to work their hardest to improve while having FUN!

DannyHoops personal basketball instruction can help your child:

  • Learn the proper fundamentals of every aspect of the game
  • Feel more comfortable and confident on the court
  • Make his or her Middle School, JV, or Varsity basketball team
  • Prepare Varsity HS players for College playing experience
  • Private or group sessions available


Danny can coach basketball to anyone at any level. Kids love him. His knowledge of the game (in addition to being a great player) is top notch. More importantly, he has excellent coaching credentials & has a wonderful way with kids/players of all levels.
- Ernie Roth, CEO Furman Roth Investing, Parent

A gift to the game of basketballlKen McGrory, President, Rabo Securities USA, Inc. “Champions” Division Manager/Coach, Safe Haven West Side Basketball League

I wanted to let you know that I made my team and thank you for helping me I learned a lot in those few days.
- Courtney, 9th grade JV Basketball Player on Long Island

E-mail for more information:

Or call: (516)830-0333

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